Transactional Email

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Transactional Email

The use of transactional email can make it easier for your customers to buy products. All the company has to do is send out an email to its customers. All the customer has to do is browse through the email to find products he or she likes. What could be easier than that?

Why Transactional Email

Sending this type of message increases the odds of a conversion each time it is sent. This is because the consumer doesn't have to spend time actually going to your site. Forcing the customer to go to your site may cause that person to lose interest. However, if that person doesn't have to leave their email service to view goods, that person may be more willing to check out whatever you are selling. It is a win-win proposition for both sides.

Everyone Saves Time And Customers Are Happier

Customers use the Internet to purchase goods because it is faster and easier. Using an email message to allow customers to buy things that they are looking for just makes the process that much faster. The best part is that your customers can complete the order right from the message. There is no need to go to a separate screen to confirm the order after putting in your information. This convenience can lead to a better customer experience. A better customer experience means that the customer will come back for more of your products. That leads to more profits in the long-term.

Is Your Company Looking To Make Extra Money

Your company could see a conversion rate that is five times higher than a traditional email marketing campaign. What company wouldn't want to see a 500 percent increase in sales with just a small adjustment to their marketing approach? You can customize the message to meet the needs of your consumer. Text, pictures and product descriptions can be added to the message to make it look and feel appealing to your customers.

You want your customers to have an easy and convenient shopping experience. This means you should look into transactional email. Your customers can make a purchase without being distracted from their original goal of checking their email. Conversion rates are much higher which is great for the company running the campaign. Using email to market your products also saves money for the company. There are few other promotional methods that work out so well.

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Notification Emails Made Safe

Websense, a firm specializing in Internet security that is utilized by both private and government organizations across the country, released its annual report of the biggest threats to Internet security in 2012. One of the largest threats, the report stated, came in the form of notification emails that customers would willingly open.

These emails usually come in the form of transaction notifications for services, such as a receipt for an online order, delivery notices, ticket confirmations, test emails, and information about tax refunds. Customers almost never avoid these notification emails, as they are expecting them and are more than willing to open them to see their alerts.

By sending adware, malware, and spyware through notification emails, cyber criminals have a great advantage in entrapping customers into their webs. With that said, great care needs to be taken in order to ensure the security of customers across the country. It is necessary, as a provider, to take the proper measurements to protect customers where it matters. If customers do not trust emails that they receive from your firm, they will simply delete it. A customer’s mindset about notifications can change in less than a day, and these perceptions last a lifetime. So, a “not even once” mentality needs to be taken.

Emails must be kept safe and secure. Otherwise, an entire business can see its client base ruined and disenfranchised. The easiest way to do this is to authenticate the mail sent by your company. This allows ISPs to know what sources to allow mail from and which to block. As the single easiest step in ensuring email security, this cannot be overvalued. In so doing, customers will trust your emails, and this will see your firm’s reputation kept intact. The opposite would be hazardous to any business or government organization.

As a business, it is your responsibility to keep your customers’ cyber security safe and free of harmful activities. So, take the responsibility and protect your clients from harmful malware, adware, or spyware that could steal their information or hijack their computers. This will not only ensure their loyalty to your firm, keeping it free and clear of being marked as phishing spam, but it will also guarantee the overall wellbeing of all your customers. Since consumers are the lifeblood of any business, securing email services takes top priority in the dealings of any firm. Otherwise, a firm will see itself failing.

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Auto Generated Email

An auto generated email is a message that is sent to a someone on your email list automatically. There are several reasons why this might happen. It could be sent as a reminder to finish a transaction. It could also be a message reminding a customer to bring in their product for routine maintenance.

Keep Your Customers Informed

An auto generated email is usually sent because you want to to keep your customers informed about something. Perhaps there was a recall that impacts the person on your mailing list. You want to make sure that no one is using a defective or otherwise unsafe product. There might be a sale that is only available to those on your mailing list. It is certainly something that they would want to be informed about. Consider it as a way to engage your customers without spending too much time and effort.

Confirm An Appointment

Your dentist will generally call you 24 hours before a scheduled appointment to confirm that appointment. Other companies may use email to perform that task. Your car dealership may send you an automatic email to remind you that you have a service appointment the next day. A contractor you do business with may email you to remind you of your meeting scheduled for Friday. It is just a helpful and convenient way to keep your schedule organized. This also gives you the chance to cancel or change a scheduled meeting time if needed.

Verify An Order

It is a good idea to send an automatically generated email to someone after an order has been processed. This will allow the customer to review the information for accuracy. Any discrepancies can then be reported before anything goes severely wrong. These emails can also be sent to verify information before any sort of online account is ever opened.

It protects the security of the customer while also making sure that the company protects itself as well. Any company that has a security breach could be facing stiff penalties. Having a security breach may also cause customers to stop doing business with that company.

There are many reasons why your company would use automatic email. It is convenient and easy to get started with. Your customers will stay informed, know their security is being taken seriously and can keep meetings organized. It is a great tool for any thriving company to use regularly.

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